Rob DeHollander is frequently invited to share his expertise on the South Carolina Business Review radio show. He is also periodically featured in magazines, newspapers, and journals. Below is a sample of some of the places where he has been featured. Click on the title to listen or read. 

Radio Interviews 

Cutting Through the Investment Noise Rob DeHollander (March 2023)

How Have You Handled the Financial Markets this Year? Rob DeHollander (December 2022)

Investing in a Low Return Environment Rob DeHollander (April 2022)

Taking Advantage of Change through Thematic Investing Rob DeHollander (November 2021)

What's Going on with Inflation? Rob DeHollander (August 2021)

The Balancing Act Between Retirement & Education Funding Rob DeHollander (August 2020)

Effective Charitable Giving Rob DeHollander (July 2019)

Getting Children Ready for Money Decisions Rob DeHollander (January 2019)


What's Going On With Inflation? Rob DeHollander (July 2021)

Mixing Politics And Your Investment Can Be A Bad Recipe Rob DeHollander (March 2021)

What is a REIT? Rob DeHollander (March 2021)

Provided: 2020 Year-End Tax Strategies for Business Owners (December 2020)

Is the new Secure Act really so Secure? Rob DeHollander (February 2020)

A New Years Financial Planning Checklist Rob DeHollander (January 2020)

Many Executives Not Ready For Retirement, a Ross Norton, GSA Business Report interview with Rob DeHollander (December 2019)

Building a Life on Purpose Rob DeHollander (December 2019)

The New IRS Withholding Tool Rob DeHollander (October 2019)

Thinking About Retiring Early? Rob DeHollander (September 2019)

Are You Aware Of The New IRA Withholding Tool? Rob DeHollander (September 2019)

Buy-Sell Agreements, What Every Business Owner Should KnowRob DeHollander (August 2019)

From Engineer to Financial Advisor Rob DeHollander (June 2019)

Print Quotes and Announcements 

Plunging Annuity Rates, Rob DeHollander (April 2020)

Recession Fears Grow as Wall Street Investors Predict Wild Week, Rob DeHollander (March 2020)

Asset Management vs. Wealth Management, Rob DeHollander (February 2020)

Are Your Clients Losing their Minds? Rob DeHollander (December 2018)

Archived Interviews

The Internet of Things and Your Financial Plan Rob DeHollander (November 2015)

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