Generation Transitioning

Passing Your Financial Legacy on to Your Loved Ones

Passing Your Financial Legacy on to Your Loved Ones

As a client, we will make a point to know you and your family personally. We will understand your financial picture and intentions for passing your legacy on to loved ones. We will act in your best interest.

You may choose to gift assets to the next generation while you are still alive. Gifting part of your estate during your lifetime gives you the chance to see the benefits of your generosity firsthand. The difference your gifts can make for your loved ones might be life-changing. For example, some of your assets could be used toward helping your children or grandchildren start a family, buy a home, grow a business, or launch a dream career. By carefully planning out gifts to loved ones during your lifetime, you could potentially reduce or eliminate estate taxes.

We also gladly step in to help when you or your family member passes away. We help provide the peace of mind that someone who understands your financial situation is available to help and advise your survivors. We help guide survivors during the probate and estate settling process. Our goal is to help survivors experience a smooth transition during a very stressful time in their lives and help ensure that their loved ones wishes are fulfilled.

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